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Easy Instant Pot Boiled Eggs (AKA Easy Peel Eggs)

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Did you know that you can boil eggs in your Instant Pot?  Not only can you do it, but it’s also the EASIEST method I have found to make boiled eggs!  No more ripped, ugly eggs or fighting with the stuck on shell.  Boiled eggs in the Instant Pot come out perfectly cooked every time and they are super easy to peel!  It’s a perfect egg almost every time.

Boiled eggs are one of my top items to prep ahead and we almost always have some ready at our house.  Once they are ready they only take seconds to re-heat.  We also use them to top salads or for deviled eggs.  They are great for an afternoon snack or to grab on the go.

The Instant Pot is an essential in my kitchen and these boiled eggs are one of the main reasons why.  Don’t wait….Make these today!

What you need for Instant Pot Boiled Eggs:

Yeah, it really is that simple……I always use a steamer basket when doing my eggs so I’m not sure if you can do it without.  It may be possible, but I’ve never tried.  Once you fill the basket with the eggs you simply add the recommended minimum amount of water for your Instant Pot.  (This is 1.5 cups for my cooker, but be sure to check yours as the amount can vary by model.)

After you have locked the lid in place use the manual pressure setting for 8 minutes. Remember this will actually take longer than 8 minutes because the cooker has to come to pressure.  Once the cooking is completed use the quick release to let the pressure off the cooker.  Immediately run the eggs under cold water.  I always let mine sit for a couple of minutes before peeling.  Don’t wait too long or you will have stuck shells.

That’s it!  How simple is that?  I’m telling you, Instant Pot boiled eggs will change your life!  Do you have a favorite Instant Pot recipe?  Please comment below and share it with me!

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Easy Instant Pot Boiled Eggs

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Easy Instant Pot Boiled Eggs
Image of eggs in basket with text "Easy Instant Pot Boiled Eggs"
Image of eggs in basket with text "Easy Instant Pot Boiled Eggs"
  1. Stack Eggs in the steamer basket. Place in Instant Pot.
  2. Add recommended amount of water.
  3. Set pot on manual pressure for 8 minutes.
  4. Once cooking is complete release pressure using quick release.
  5. Immediately submerge eggs in cold water.
  6. Peel & Enjoy!
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